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Obesity and Chronic Pain

Throughout the years, studies have shown that obesity can make a person more likely to develop multiple medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and even some cancers. Symptoms of these conditions can manifest themselves into chronic pain that can affect many parts of the body. In one study, […]

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Understanding Degenerative Disc Disease

Your spine is made up of many bones called vertebrae. Located between each vertebrae are soft discs called spinal discs. These discs provide cushion, absorb shock and allow us to comfortably bend and twist. They also maintain enough distance between the vertebrae for the nerve roots of the spinal cord to pass through openings in […]

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Home-Based Exercise Programs

Not everyone can afford to join a gym or purchase expensive exercise equipment, so we’ve provided some great exercises that anyone can do at home. These moves are challenging, produce results and, best of all, require no equipment! Killer Cardio Burpees Start in a squat position, then thrust your legs out behind you, moving into […]

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS, is rare form of chronic pain that often affects the arms or legs. Commonly triggered after an injury, surgery, stroke or heart attack, it is believed to be caused by damage or malfunction of the peripheral and central nervous systems. What are the symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome? […]

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The Effects of Chronic Back Pain on Sleep

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a tough workout, helped a friend move or went out dancing with friends. You’ve used muscles you don’t normally use, or you’ve pulled something. And now you’re in pain. And when do you feel it the most? In the middle of the night, when you’re trying to sleep. While […]

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Simple Exercises to Ease Pain

Whether you’re experiencing pain in your back or joints, or any other kind of pain, if you’re in pain, chances are the last thing you want to do is exercise. You may be worried exercise could worsen the pain you’re feeling or prevent you from healing. What most people don’t know is that some exercise […]

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Get the Facts on Scoliosis

With over three million cases per year, scoliosis is a very common condition. Scoliosis is defined as any abnormal lateral curvature in the spine, which should otherwise be a normally vertically straight line. When looking at a person with scoliosis from behind, the spine appears curved in one of two different ways: Levoscoliosis – The […]

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June is National Hernia Awareness Month

A hernia is a painful condition that occurs when an organ is protruding into a weak spot in the surrounding muscle or connective tissue. Different forms of hernias are mainly classified by the location and type of organs that are pushing through the muscle. These include: Inguinal hernia Making up about 70 percent of all […]

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Summer Travel Season

Summer Travel Season Is Here — Here’s How to Enjoy Your Trip, Even with Chronic Pain. It’s summertime, and we hope you have plans for the season. If you’re going to be traveling, don’t let chronic pain hold you back. Get prepared with these tips from Cedar Rapids Pain Associates so you can enjoy your […]

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Beating the Stigma of Chronic Pain

Beating the Stigma of Chronic Pain: The Most Effective Strategies Have you ever felt judged by others because of your chronic pain? The stigma of living with pain can be just as difficult as the physical effects. The fact that chronic pain is often invisible makes this even more challenging. You may look perfectly fine, […]

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