After fighting pain for almost 10 years, in my lower back, all it took was a phone call. I had an appointment set for the next day. A week later I was pain free. The care provided was above my expectations. Everything was explained in detail and all my questions were answered. It’s nice to have a clinic that cares about their patients. Thank you!

Jason M.

I have been very impressed with this clinic, the staff and the treatments. You have aggressively approached my back issues with some good results. I have recommended you to several people. I appreciate the respect you have shown to me and my pain issues. My primary doctor told me there really wasn’t anything that could be done for my back so I sought you out by myself. Your staff is AWESOME!

Kay R.

The visit was wonderful . Could not ask for better treatment.

Robert R.

Cedar Rapids Pain Associates has been the first place to actually sit down and come up with a plan to decrease my pain. The staff is awesome and very kind. They listen.

Krystal L.

I’m really glad I finally found something to easy my back pain. The spinal injection was painless. The staff here are great and I will always continue to return.

Jackie P.

Cedar Rapids Pain Associates has helped me more in the last three or four visits than years of other things including medicines and surgery. I will keep coming here!

Brenda W.

I greatly appreciate the help from your clinic. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I am glad I made the choice to come here.

Courtney D.

I have had headaches for years! I feel like I’ve had a miracle after my occipital steroid injections and tell everyone suffering the same. Michelle VandeBerg does a great job. She is very pleasant and helpful.

Susan D.

Cedar Rapids Pain Associates has done more for me within the few weeks of my visits than my primary-care doctor. I highly recommend CRPA for proper, friendly and aggressive treatments. They are the best.

John. D

I am loving life. I am pain free since receiving my knee injections. I feel like a new person.

Pam V.

Dr. Mitchell is very caring and his staff is awesome!

Kim M.

I’ve been coming to Cedar Rapids Pain Associates since February 2012 for Spinal Decompression due to left leg pain (sciatica). I don’t know what shape I’d be in if I didn’t have regular treatments. Dr. Mitchell performs chiropractic treatments following my decompression treatments. He is a very caring doctor and thoroughly explains any questions I may have regarding the treatments. All the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Mabel C.

In August of 2014 I had back surgery that was only partially successful. When I became a patient of Dr. Mitchell in July of 2015 I could barely walk. I shuffled and used a cane and had so much pain in my back that any activity was difficult. Now in September of 2015 I walk without a cane and I do household chores and attend social outings. In fact, I am now getting lectures about how I should slow down!

Jeanne R.

This is my first experience at a pain clinic. All aspects of your clinic have been extremely positive and helpful. I would recommend Cedar Rapids Pain Associates—especially with a goal of avoiding surgery. I really appreciated the direct communication. It was the first time in 3 years that someone explained the cause of my back pain. The attitude and friendliness of your providers really sets your clinic apart from other offices.

Connie M.

I am so glad my friend told me about Cedar Rapids Pain Associates. Before the pain clinic, I was in bad shape. I was in pain day and night. They gave me a TENS unit and asked me to use it 3 times per day, and it worked. I am able to sleep at night, able to do more around the house, and I am able to play with my grandchildren, without any pain.

Effie M.

Everyone I have come in contact with at the clinic has been very helpful and friendly. My back has been much better.

Kaye B.

Wish I had come sooner, the results are great.

Carole T.

The staff and the doctors are genuinely concerned and determined to find the source of the pain and treat it. If one method doesn’t work they will try another. I appreciate the overall care and concern for my pain being treated. The staff is always professional and easy to communicate with. I recommend Cedar Rapids Pain Associates to others.

Denise R.

I feel your services have benefitted me in a very positive way. You are very good at what you do. I thank you.


They listened to everything I had to say, they were patient and kind. I was given four new pieces of advice, two of which were related to medications. I believe they will help. I am optimistic for the first time in a long time that my pain level will improve.

Teresa S.

I am so glad I found Cedar Rapids Pain Associates. They have been so helpful to me and my pain. The entire staff is exceptional.

Kristi H.

The people at Cedar Rapids Pain Associates are really friendly and welcoming. They took the time to really listen to what was wrong and what my concerns were, and to discuss my treatment options. 

Amber D.