If you suffer from chronic pain, chances are it’s difficult to get out of bed in the morning, and the temptation to skip exercise is likely. Though rest is important, lack of movement or exercise can actually make chronic pain worse. Instead, try to incorporate the right kind of regular exercise to help ease the pain of your condition.

If you live with chronic pain, you should never begin an exercise program without guidance. Check with your physician first, then seek a professional –– like a physical therapist or athletic trainer –– to help you develop an individualized exercise program and to show you what’s appropriate and safe for your condition. It is fundamentally important to find an exercise that won’t contribute to your pain. Depending on your condition, here a few exercises that a physical therapist or athletic trainer may recommend:


Stretching helps to loosen muscles and promotes circulation with simple movements. You can stretch just about anywhere, and you can modify your stretches to your comfort level.


If you are capable, walking is a perfect low-impact exercise for beginners. Similar to stretching, you can do this exercise almost anywhere: at the mall, around your neighborhood, or at a track.


Swimming gives a low-gravity effect, which is easier on the joints than other forms of exercise. Swimming is also a great exercise for those who suffer from osteoarthritis, as any kind of sudden impact can make their condition worse.


As long as you stick to a range of motion that is comfortable for you, yoga can help to relieve chronic pain. Yoga helps improve strength, endurance, and balance with slow, controlled movements.

There are many exercises that can help relieve or reduce your pain… as long as you’re doing them the right way. Avoid high-impact exercises and concentrate on incorporating low-impact exercises into your daily routine. Be sure to pay attention to what your body is telling you, and always check with your physician before you begin a new exercise plan.

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